National Skip Bins

2 Important Factors to Consider for your Waste Disposal Needs

Choose the right sized skip for your waste disposal needs

Here at National Skip Bins, we have a range of six different sized skip bins for hire for your convenience. The choice of different sized skip bins means that you don’t have to worry about not filling your skip bin and essentially having ended up paying for space that you simply don’t need. Likewise, you also don’t want to be in the situation where you haven’t got enough room in your hired skip bin for all of the rubbish that you need to get rid of, or worse, you overfill your skip and then end up getting charged more money.


If you only have a small waste disposal job in mind, this could be the perfect situation to hire our 2 cubic metre sized skip bin. The smallest of our range, at an estimated 1.5 metres (width) by 1.8 metres (length) by 0.9 metres (height), this convenient yet capable skip bin can still hold an impressive capacity equivalent to 8 full wheelie bins, or in other terms, 3 average size trailer loads of waste.

At the other end of the scale is out massive 10 cubic metre skip bin, the biggest size in our range and ideal for those of you who are planning a big renovation project. This whopping skip bin is suitable for almost any job you could imagine, being our widest, tallest and longest skip bin in our collection. It measures an estimated 1.7m (width) by 4.2 metres (length) by 1.5 metres (height), so you will find it difficult to run out of room as you dispose of your waste in this skip. To give you some idea of the truly gigantic size of this skip bin, it’s capacity is approximately equivalent to 42 full wheelie bins, or 15 whole loads of waste from your average sized trailer!

If you want more information about our range of skip bin sizes, please see here for a visual guide:

Choose the right type of waste for your disposal needs

Here at National Skip Bins We have 4 different types of skip bins depending on your waste needs:

The General waste category is our most popular type of waste category and encompasses a range of light domestic waste, office waste, white goods and garden waste.

The Mixed Heavy waste category suits a variety of circumstances where there is a range of materials to go into the bin which may be large, bulky, or heavy, for example builders waste, white goods and other furniture, timber, metal – for example steel, bricks, tiles, concrete and sand.

Green waste is the perfect choice if you have a lot of garden rubbish to get rid of, for example grass clippings, leaves, tree trimmings and small branches, weeds and tree bark, trunks up to a maximum diameter of 300mm.

Finally, our Rubble and Soil waste category does exactly what it says on the tin. This type of bin is only suitable for rubble and soil waste such as bricks, tiles, pavers, sand or limestone.

Here at National Skip Bins we have a great collection of skips in Perth for all your waste disposal needs, so why not contact the team today!