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4 Easy Ways to Reduce your Plastic Waste

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Plastic Waste

Before you book your skip bins online, it is important to remember that the best way to manage your waste disposal is to reduce the amount of waste you produce. Plastic waste is one of the biggest challenges facing the planet; here are 4 easy ways to start reducing the amount of plastic waste that you produce on a daily basis:

1. Carry a reusable bottle

The average time that it takes for a plastic bottle to degrade is 450 years, but some plastic bottles can even take up to 1000 years to biodegrade! So many of these plastic bottles aren't recycled and often end up in our oceans where they can pollute the sensitive marine environment and damage our marine life. A great way to reduce the amount of plastic bottles you use, or ideally stop using them completely, is to carry a reusable bottle. Reusable bottles can be made out of stronger, reusable plastic, or even glass, and come with the advantage of being able to refilled over and over, saving you money, and saving our planet.

2. Use a reusable coffee cup

Similar to the advice to carry a reusable water bottle, another excellent way to reduce the amount of plastic you use is to carry a reusable coffee cup. Many of us enjoy a cup of tea or coffee from out local coffee shop, but the disposable coffee cups we so easily pick up and throw away can end up being in the environment for many many years, An additional bonus of taking a reusable coffee cup with you is that many coffee shops offer a small discount when you use your own cup!

3. Refuse the plastic straw and other disposable cutlery

We should all know by now of the damage the simple plastic straw does to our planet, in particular our oceans and the marine life that live there. Straws can get ingested and stuck in the windpipe or the nose of various marine life, causing pain, suffering and even death. So next time you are offered a straw with your drink, just say no! Likewise, try your best to refuse plastic cutlery when buying salads, pre-made meals or yoghurts on the go. In an ideal world you should consider carrying your own cutlery with you!

4. Carry reusable shopping bags

Everyone knows that single use plastic bags are bad news. That's why we welcome the news that from the 1st July single use plastic bags will be banned in Western Australia. Get ahead of the game by carrying reusable shopping bags with you, perfect for your groceries or other types of shopping. By starting now, you will be ready and willing once the ban comes into force.

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