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Considerations When Hiring Skip Bins Perth

Are you burdened by a cumbersome amount of waste? If you have bulky items that are in need of disposal that don’t fit in your standard wheelie bin, consider hiring a skip bin. But of course, there are a few things to consider when hiring skip bins. Factors like type of waste, size and location will influence the final price of the skip bin.

Type of Waste

There are several types of skip bins dedicated to specific kinds of waste, from general waste, to green waste and even rubble and soil. Most things like furniture, office waste, and builders waste falls under the General Waste and Mixed Heavy Waste categories. However, a Green Waste skip bin is meant for plant trimmings, tree bark, weeds, branches and tree trunks, whereas a Rubble and Soil skip bin is for things like brick, tiles, sand and pavers. Be aware of what kind of waste you have and make an informed decision of which type of skip bin you’ll require. There’s isn’t any point in getting a skip bin you can’t use.

Size Required

Size will have the largest influence on the price of the skip bin: the larger the bin required, the more it’ll cost. Skip bins come in 6 convenient sizes ranging from 2m3, equal to 8 wheelie bins, to 10m3, which is equal to 42 wheelie bins. They are all equipped with an easy access door for wheelbarrows. It is a good idea to estimate the amount of waste you are disposing of so as to choose the right skip bin size. A bin that is too small will leave you with too much unwanted waste whereas a bin that is too large will cost more than necessary. A good tip to reduce the amount of waste that needs to be discarded is to recycle waste wherever possible, and to donate or sell unwanted items that are still in usable condition such as furniture and clothing.


Depending on where you’re intending to place the skip bin, you may require a permit. Bins placed on your property will not require a permit but if you desire to place the bin on public right of way, road or parkland, you are will need to organise a permit with your local council which may cost a small fee.

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