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Decluttering Your Home with General Waste Skip Bins

Problem of Waste Disposal
If you’ve finally decided to clean out your home, be it for spring cleaning, moving to a new house or even just because space is getting scarce, you may discover that you’ve accumulated a sizeable amount things that now need disposing. While you may be tempted to just chuck it all into a general waste skip bin, it might be a good idea to sort through your things beforehand. For one, it could save you some money, as you may only need a smaller skip bin, and you can do your part in reducing the growing amount of waste in the country. Not only that, there are some things that should not be carelessly thrown into a general waste skip bin.

Start of by sorting through all the things you’ve gathered and separate them into 3 piles: things to keep, things to give away and things to throw out. Look through everything and carefully assess whether you absolutely need something or can live without it. Once you have everything sorted, consider donating or selling the things in the give away pile. There are many charities and community organisations who would willingly take used clothes, old toys and even furniture, provided they are still in usable condition. If you’re reluctant to just give things away, it is also possible to sell them for an extra buck or two, especially if the item is still in great condition. There are a host of people on websites like gumtree, craigslist, even facebook that are looking to buy second hand goods.

Be prompt and get rid of everything in the throw away pile. Keeping it around will eventually lead to second-guessing and will invite clutter into your home. Bear in mind to separate out the recyclables such as paper, plastic and aluminium from the throw away pile and dispose of them accordingly.

With a general waste skip bin, there are certain things that should and should not be placed into it. Things like household/ domestic waste like boxes, clothes and toys, office waste such as stationery, furniture and shredded paper, white goods such as washing machines and fridges, and light garden waste like plant trimmings, twigs and shrubs are all permitted to go into the bins. However, things like asbestos, liquid or hazardous materials, tyres, food products or food waste, sand, soil and rubble are all not permitted in a general waste skip bin.

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