National Skip Bins

How you can Maximise the use of your Skip Bin

If you have a lot of rubbish that you need to get rid of, you are in good hands with National Skip Bins. We specialise in the hire of skip bins, Perth, whether you require us for your commercial or residential waste disposal needs. Skip bin hire is a convenient waste disposal solution for anyone who is looking to rid their home of unwanted, bulk amounts of waste. Whether you have just re-landscaped your garden, you are shedding construction waste or otherwise having a full house clearance, it is essential that you learn the vital skill of how to maximise the use of a skip bins. Here we discuss a number of tips that will help you understand how to get the most out of your skips, Perth, so that your waste is dealt with in the most responsible and efficient manner possible.

Skip Bin Hire

Think before you load

Whilst it may seem, and indeed feel, satisfying to throw everything that you have lying around straight into your skip bin as soon as it arrives, this is a common error that many people make when they first hire their skip bin. By really taking some time to think about what exactly is going into your skip, and considering the best way to approach your waste disposal needs, you can save yourself a lot of hassle, and money in the process. Always think before you load, whether that means considering what size skip bin you need to hire, or what waste category you should choose. From mixed heavy waste to general waste, skip bins from National Skip Bins can be used of many types of waste, but planning in advance allows you to select the right type of waste category for your needs.

Larger and lighter items on the bottom

Although it may seem natural to put your largest and heaviest types of waste, this is actually a more wasteful approach. A better alternative is to fill the bottom of the skip with larger and lighter items first, as they can later be compounded by heavier objects. As such, you will discover that you will in fact free up more space as you begin to load the heavier items as the lighter waste is pushed down to the base of the skip, reducing the amount of space you waste.

Dismantle your larger waste

If you have any larger items that can be broken up, dismantled and/or flattened, this should be done before you throw them out. By making your unwanted items more compact, they will take up less room from the start, which will then leave fewer areas of unused space in your skip bin. This also helps your larger waste items such as boxes, wardrobes and other fixtures or fittings, to fit inside your skip more conveniently, along with all your other waste.