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Top tips for reducing the amount of waste you create at home

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We are all guilty of creating too much waste, and our planet is paying for it. We live in a culture of convenience, and we are all in the habit of living in a throw away society where we can purchase things we ‘need’ almost instantly, yet as soon as we do not see a use for them anymore, or if they break in any way, we are very quick to throw them away and buy something new to replace it. But this culture is having a lasting negative effect on our planet and we need to start thinking about ways of reducing the amount of waste we are creating every single day. We are all more than capable of doing so, but sometime it can be helpful to have some ideas about how to start this task!

That’s where the team here at National Skip Bins come in. We specialise in rubbish removal in Perth, but although this is our business, we are passionate about everyone taking steps to reduce the amount of waste they are producing.


One of the most well known ways to reduce the amount of rubbish that you create is to recycle! Recycling is an easy way to reduce your need for rubbish removal. You can easily recycle paper, cardboard, glass, tin cans and even some types of plastic! As well as this, you can also recycle in another way, for example by giving items that you no longer want or need, such as clothes, toys, books or other things, to a charity shop so they can be reused by someone else, and at the same time raise money for a good cause. Alternatively, pass things on to a friend or family member, you never know when they might return the favour!

Repair it yourself

You know what they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! But what if something does happen to be broken? Before you throw it away or replace it with something new, is it at all possible to fix it yourself? Whether it is getting out the needle and thread, or researching online for helpful videos on youtube and other articles, fixing many things isn’t nearly as hard as we imagine, all it takes is a little effort!

Turn something old into something new!

Here at National skip bins, we specialise in junk removal Perth and as such we end up seeing all sorts of things that people need to get rid of. But have you ever thought about turning something old into something new, instead of just throwing it away? This concept is known as upcycling and is a fun and creative way of turning your old junk into a new treasure. Try sanding down and repainting the old wooden cabinet, or create a patchwork quilt from all of those souvenir t shirts you have purchased on various holidays!